Cannabis Construction in Missouri

What to Look for in a Cannabis Dispensary Contractor

Cannabis construction is a specialized build that requires a unique set of skills. As the Cannabis industry grows in Missouri, hiring an experienced local contractor that knows the market will prove enormously beneficial. Whether you are looking to build a cultivation facility, a manufacturing facility, or a retail dispensary, here are some benefits we offer our clients:

Omega - Spiegelglass Construction
  • Safety and Security
    We have an in-depth understanding of how to secure a high-value inventory (Cash America, Shane Company, Omega Watch etc.) both before and during the build.
  • Rules and Regulations
    For all of our clients, we monitor and adhere to changing governing requirements such as municipal codes, zoning, and regulations, adapting and evolving as the industry matures.
  • Optimal Yield
    Consistently ideal conditions create a fertile ground for optimal yield. We carefully incorporate crucial elements including odor control, ventilation (due to high heat loads), air filtration, mold protection, climate control and more.
  • Powering Your Operations
    Cultivation and processing environments require a strong understanding of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure. We have a long history of incorporating intricate and sophisticated mechanical systems on projects such as restaurants in high rise buildings, research facilities and water treatment testing labs.
  • We Build, You Create
    Our team members have experience with specialized factory builds and processing facilities including clean space environments, quarantine precaution areas, product testing and curing rooms, filter and scrubber systems, mechanical and exhaust systems and temperature/air flow/humidity controls.
  • Making You Money
    We deeply understand retail operations and can advise on how to negotiate with landlords and best maximize your dispensary’s sales per square foot. We know realistic timelines and budgets, and what makes a well-built and compliant retail space that fits both aesthetic and functional purposes.

We encourage you to ask around about any GC you are considering. Try your commercial architect, real estate agent, or the GC’s clients. We’re proud of our reputation as an outstanding partner and have plenty of references to share.

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Restaurant Construction - St. Louis

I rely heavily on my GC partners to deliver high quality retail spaces, and Spiegelglass Construction consistently delivers. When I award a project to Spiegelglass I can rest easy knowing all partners involved including the client, architect and landlord will be elated with the final product.

- Steve Etzel, Director of Construction at Epoch Design Group