The Spiegelglass Construction Story:
More Than a Century of Quality

Our founding

Our company was founded by Joe Spiegelglass in 1904. At first, it was a one-man operation – a carpenter with a push cart whose work primarily included repair work for the storefronts in downtown St. Louis.

Before the days of e-mail or cell phones, clients knew they could reach Joe when they needed him, and he would be there to help with their construction needs – thinking through a challenge, completing a project or solving a problem.

That commitment to his clients was the foundational element that allowed his business to flourish – not only did his clients come back each time they needed help, they recommended Joe to their friends. And word spread.

Family History - Spiegelglass Construction
Early Growth - Spiegelglass Construction - History

early growth

As retail grew in the city during the 1930s, the department stores became larger, and Joe found he needed additional help to keep up with the requests coming in. He hired a few carpenters to work with him, and then began bringing on subcontractors to assist in their individual areas of expertise. It was during this period that he cemented his role as a general contractor, working directly with his clients and taking responsibility for the overall projects.


The city of St. Louis continued down a development path – and Joe’s phone continued to ring. The 50s brought office build-outs in high rise buildings, the 60s and 70s brought the city’s first regional shopping centers, and the national chains began coming to town in the late 70s and 80s.

Midwest Expansion

By the 1980s, client after client started asking Spiegelglass to travel. After careful consideration and discussions with long-standing clients including Panera Bread, Fleming’s Steakhouse, Ann Taylor and Lerner’s, the company’s leadership decided to expand by managing projects out of town – agreeing only to help existing clients grow their footprint throughout the Midwest.

Spiegelglass Construction grew with its clients, but the company did it carefully and slowly to ensure that their clients were taken care of and the spaces were built out to the incredibly high standards that Spiegelglass was known for.

Family History - Spiegelglass Construction
Family History - Spiegelglass Construction

It’s a Family Affair

The growth brought continued opportunity over the years – Joe was proud to have his son Harold join “Spiegelglass & Son” in 1946. In 1961 and 1972 respectively, Harold’s sons Mel and Barry joined as well. In 1967, Spiegelglass & Son became incorporated as Spiegelglass Construction Company. Barry’s son Tim joined the business in 2004 – the company’s 100th year.

Currently, the third and fourth generations – Barry and Tim – are co-owners of the company.

The More Things Change…
The More They Stay The Same

Though a lot has changed since Joe Spiegelglass started the business in 1904, so much has stayed the same. The values that shaped the company’s early years still remain at the core of the company today. Joe believed in hard work, integrity, helping his clients in any way he could, and going above and beyond.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, the company’s methodical and disciplined approach allows for the focus to remain on its clients, superior workmanship, and the long-standing relationships that have been at the core of Spiegelglass Construction since 1904.

History - Family - Spiegelglass Construction