Maintaining the Big Momentum - Spiegelglass Construction

The Big Mo, also known as big momentum, keeps a construction project running smoothly. Why does it matter? The more momentum there is on a job site, the quicker you can open, occupy, and start making money. That’s a pretty nice benefit!

We’re going to talk about what you as a client can do, and also what you should expect from your general contractor (GC) to maintain momentum on your project.

First, what can you as a client do to help maintain the Big Mo?

Tip: While never required, do something nice for your crew- bring them a pizza or some cookies, write them a note to say thanks. Something as simple as expressing your gratitude to the team working hard for you goes a long way!

What should you expect from your GC do maintain momentum?

You can stack the deck in your favor by selecting a GC with a great reputation. Those are the GCs that have built relationships over time, and are known to keep projects moving and clients happy. Ask around – the construction industry is smaller than you think, and you can learn a lot by talking to your peers.

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