Maintaining the Big Momentum - Spiegelglass Construction

The Big Mo, also known as big momentum, keeps a construction project running smoothly. Why does it matter? The more momentum there is on a job site, the quicker you can open, occupy, and start making money. That’s a pretty nice benefit!

We’re going to talk about what you as a client can do, and also what you should expect from your general contractor (GC) to maintain momentum on your project.

First, what can you as a client do to help maintain the Big Mo?

  • Clarity: You’re going to want to give your GC clarity around details. Are your plans as complete as possible? Have you communicated what you need in addition to the plan? Providing your GC with clear direction will help keep the project on track, save money and keep morale high.
  • Do Your Part: Did you commit to ordering equipment? Making a decision? Following through on your responsibilities make a big difference in your timing, and the Big Mo. Keep in close contact with your GC so you are working in parallel.
  • Teamwork: Make everyone feel like they’re in it together. Have fun with it – build up relationships by joking around and making the larger team – from the engineers to the subcontractors - feel comfortable.
  • Communication: Make sure your larger team is communicating with each other. Set up a weekly meeting on site, or create an agenda for a regular call. Your architect, engineer, designer, and general contractor should all be in close contact and you can help facilitate that.

Tip: While never required, do something nice for your crew- bring them a pizza or some cookies, write them a note to say thanks. Something as simple as expressing your gratitude to the team working hard for you goes a long way!

What should you expect from your GC do maintain momentum?

  • Management: You hired a GC to run the project for you, and your GC should be managing every aspect from beginning to end. That includes keeping the project moving, and staying on schedule.
  • Communication: Your GC should keep you in the loop on what is needed from you. You should know at any given point if your project is on schedule and if not what it needs to get back on track. You hire a GC to lead your project, so while you won’t need to be involved in every detail - nor should you – you should be informed on progress.
  • Morale: Your GC should be keeping the team’s morale up, even on difficult projects. Clients don’t always realize that everyone’s attitude on a job site matters – and it’s up to the leader to keep everyone focused and working as a team instead of bickering over the little things. When that morale remains high, team members produce more, and each day is a giant leap of progress.

You can stack the deck in your favor by selecting a GC with a great reputation. Those are the GCs that have built relationships over time, and are known to keep projects moving and clients happy. Ask around – the construction industry is smaller than you think, and you can learn a lot by talking to your peers.

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